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SuperWeather App !

• Current weather, 24-hour forecast, and 7-day forecast!

• Celsius or Fahrenheit.
• Kilometer per hour or miles per hour.
• Displays local time with locations—no need to use two apps for weather and time.
• Weather forecast on the map (rotate the screen to show).
• Forecast time line (rotate the screen to show).
• All weather info you might need: Wind direction and speed info, humidity, precipitation, and pressure.
• Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, and Moon phases info built-in.
• Share your weather conditions on Facebook or Twitter.
• Swipe horizontally to navigate between locations.
• Swipe vertically to change between Current Weather, 24-hour forecast, and 7-day forecast.
• Swipe left on a location to delete it in the Locations screen.
• Long-press anywhere on the screen to show (or hide) the toolbar.


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