Super Puppy 3D


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Fulfil your hobby of taking care of cute dog pets and all for 100% Free.

Super Puppy 3D

A 3D world of Super Cute virtual Dog pet, A Puppy Simulator/Dog Simulator. For all pet lovers this virtual pet game provides what you desire the most. A virtual pet dog in form of cute puppy, a teen dog and an adult dog of your own. Super Puppy 3d is a virtual pet game where you can adopt a super cute puppy, play with him, train him, complete challenges with him, Grow him and walk him around City streets and park and enjoy the experience of having an actual pet. This is your own pet on your device, you can name him, feed him, play fetch games with him, walk him, Call him by his name, he will be loyal to you, also you can bring him anywhere you are. If you love to have a Dog as your pet then this is awesome chance for you to have a puppy as your virtual pet. Earn cash rewards by playing challenges and games with him and use that cash to buy your dog houses, and items to play with. Fetch game, feeding, making him sleep in his own little dog house will reward you cash and you will be able to grow him with that cash. Also there are other dogs as well so that you can have multiple pets and can take care of them all.


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