Super Police Car Chase 3D


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Enjoy feeling super speedy racing!

Super Police Car Chase 3D

Your dream of becoming a Cop and catching criminals can be true. Enjoy the fast ride on Police Vehicles catching criminals on the busy roads of City. In this Super police car chase 3D.

- Find a way to reach the criminal's cars through maze styled 3D City tracks

- Race against criminal cars to catch them before they run away.

- Limited time before Criminal is on lose, they can get away fast. Be Quick.

- Amazing realistic Physics based driving, integrated with realistic drifting feature.

- Control Car Speed and Steering speed and drive as you feel easy.

- Different 3D City tracks in form of 3D Maze, find a way to reach the criminal's 3D Car.

- Crash Criminal's car and blast it.

- Different Police & Criminal's 3D cars including 3D hummer and 4x4 vehicles.

- Avoid civilian 3D cars, you can lose the mission.

- Incredible missions including criminal's runaway from Bank robbery, jewelry robbery, Prison Outbreak, Hit and run etc.


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