Super Insect Killer


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Shoot and kill the insects quickly!!!

Super Insect Killer

Shoot and kill the insects quickly
Every one wants to get rid of Insects in the house, because they bite and make you sick.
You can use your abilities to track them all and kill them with Spray, Bombs and Zapper. There are many area around home which are their colonies. You can easily track them as they always wander around fearlessly. They attack and you lose you health. Their sting is very deadly. So kill them before they attack you.
1. Use Joystick to track the Insects
2. Press Spray Can button to kill them
3. Use Bombs to destroy all of them at once
4. Use Zapper to spark all of them at once
5. Use Medic to heal from their Stings
6. Watch you life bar as when they attack you lose some life.


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