Super Horse 3D


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A 3D world of Super Cute virtual Horse, A Horse Simulator/Pet Simulator.

Super Horse 3D

Earn cash rewards by playing challenges and games with him and use that cash to buy your horse Stable, and saddles. Feeding, making him sleep in his own little stable will reward you cash and you will be able to grow him with that cash. Also there are other horses as well so that you can have multiple pets and can take care of them all.

• Adopt a super horse

• Name him, Buy items for him such as stables, saddles, food etc.

• Observe your horse’s intelligence and speed.

• Call him by his name in your own language and he will respond

• Feed him, buy him stable so that he can sleep there.

• Train him for show jumping missions

• Play multiple challenges with him.

• Walk him around city and you can get to smash the objects on streets as well.

• Complete show jumping training and enter into competitions and win all challenges.

• Be a sharp horse and jump over all obstacles with high speed and win show horse jumping competitions.


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